Word|Link was founded in 1998 as a cooperative of writers and editors in the United States and New Zealand and has undergone many transformations through the years: as a manuscript assessment and editing service, as a provider of instruction through creative writing workshops, and as a literary agency. Now operating in two distinct branches, Word|Link is able to provide a wide range of services to all writers, from the newcomer to the bestselling author.

Word|Link Literary Representation features outstanding authors in a wide range of genres. Click on the door to find out more.

Word|Link Writer’s Support            provides professional copyediting and manuscript assessment. Click on the door to read more.

A note about our code of ethics: In order to maintain our integrity in the publishing industry, we believe it is important to draw clear lines between Word|Link's two branches. Simply put, manuscripts submitted to Word|Link Literary Representation will be carefully considered for representation only, and we will not respond to authors with offers of assessments, editing, or any other paid services. Likewise, manuscripts submitted to Word|Link Literary Representation that have been previously edited or assessed by Word|Link Writer’s Support are given no advantage or special attention in the submission process.